Slade Unlimited visits and vets its suppliers to ensure their operations comply with the Values Statement.

Springbok Antelope (antidorcas marsupialis) -- Springbok are one of the most abundant antelope in South Africa and are one of the easiest game animals to farm.  They are raised for their meat, which is turned into a jerky known as "biltong."  Their hide has a white plume on the back that they extend during a type of jumping known as "pronking." 
springbok antelope
Springbok are not listed as endangered, threatened or vulnerable under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.  Our hides are sourced exclusively from the meat industry, or government-approved herd reduction programs. 
Animals enjoy a free range lifestyle in the hills of South Africa.  All animal skins are fumigated in compliance with international standards and are free of any diseases.



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