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Slade Unlimited brings unusual, high-quality accessories to conscientious customers while supporting sustainable employment in emerging markets.


  • All events and practices shall be as inclusive as possible.
  • The company shall maintain as direct a relationship with its suppliers and partners as possible.
  • All products will be made of quality materials, and designed to last for years.
  • Supplier and company workers shall enjoy positive and supportive conditions and be paid a fair wage for their labor.
  • Animals should be humanely raised and harvested, in compliance with international and domestic laws.
  • The surrounding community and environment shall be respected and protected.


Kerry Slade, President & Founder

Kerry is an attorney and businesswoman with significant expertise in emerging markets.  She received her BA in Sociology from Brown University, a JD from Northwestern University School of Law and an MBA from Temple University.  Her goal for Slade Unlimited, LLC is to offer customers bold international fashion that supports sustainable employment opportunities.

The company was born from Kerry's determination to improve the lives of others.  In 2005, Kerry worked in rural Malawi as a sixth-grade teacher and small business facilitator.  Once she returned to the U.S., she sponsored several of her former students through high school in the hope that they could afterwards find a job and give better lives to their families.  However, due to a lack of employment opportunities, most students were not able to meaningfully improve their quality of life.  Slade Unlimited was born to fill this gap in sustainable employment in developing countries.

Kenneth and Annie Rajabu, Malawi Production and Quality Control

Malawi manufacture handbag purse

Ken is the lead tailor in charge of production of Slade Unlimited's Malawi Bags.  He learned how to sew from his father, and wants to establish a real tailoring shop where it will be easier to interact with customers.  His wife Annie inspects each Malawi Bag to ensure it meets Slade Unlimited's standards for design and construction.  The family lives in Lilongwe.

Yewo Longwe, Malawi Supply Chain

Yewo Longwe malawi supply chain manufacture jewelry handbag purse africa

Yewo is one of Kerry's former students whom she sponsored through high school and some computer training.  She is in charge of sourcing and quality control for our new product lines, such as jewelry and paintings.  Yewo is a young mother of a sweet baby girl named Blessings and lives with her husband in Blantyre.